Since I was a little child I loved dogs, I read books, collected magazines, dog figures, stickers and toys. When I was a very young girl, in my very first book about dogs, I found a photo and breed description of Australian shepherd, breed that was not even recognized by FCI at that time. I already knew that there will be an aussie in my home someday. In the meantime my parents bought me a beagle named Herbi, extremely intelligent but independent and strong individual. He taught me a lot about dog behavior and dog training,  Herbi left us in 2013, when he was 14 years old. My dream of an Australian shepherd was still alive, I was visiting dog shows and  researching every little information about aussies. 


Australian shepherd
Breezy-Thorn Valley DARK ANGEL

Finally, after almost 20 years, thanks to the support of my Fiancé, my dream came true! In June of 2012 we brought home my perfect, so long awaited, little black puppy  from Petra Mostert, Breezy-Thorn Valley, from The Netherlands. It was love at first sight! We named the puppy Zora and let her completely possess our hearts. Bartek, my Fiance, at first was very sceptic but after a while he turned to be dog lover and dog show fun. We cannot imagine our family without Zora. We are very grateful to Petra for believing in us - complete amateurs - and giving us the most perfect dog! We cannot wait for the moment that another aussie will show up in our home.

Our dog is our everyday companion. We take her everywhere, for one-day trips, to restaurants, to visit our friends and family and for long vacations. Our pets are treated as full members of family. We very much care about our dogs, their health, happiness and best quality of their lives. Litters in our home will appear occasionally, with most careful selections of parents.


Our kennel is registered in Polish Kennel Club, a member of FCI. Puppies will also have registration in Australian Shepherd Club of America. All puppies will have a birth certificate, vaccinations, eyes checked by ophthalmologist, copies of parents health certificates and parentage documents. Every puppy will be sold under a buyer-seller contract.

Dominika Drożdż

Breezy-Thorn Valley DARK ANGEL



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